Album Review: Led Zeppelin – ‘Mothership’

Led Zeppelin has been rocking since 1968 and consists of Robert Plant (vocals), Jimmy Page (lead guitar), John Paul Jones (bass), and John Bonham (drums).  We’ve all been on the “Stairway to Heaven,” although Plant that says that “Kashmir” is the definitive Zeppelin song. 

The band came to an end in 1980 with the death of drummer John Bonham, but the group has had several reunion shows.  Zeppelin is definitely one for the history books since every one of their albums have made it into the top ten Billboard charts. 

This set brings together songs from all of their albums (1969’s ‘Led Zeppelin’ to 1979’s ‘In Through the Out Door’) and many of them you’ll recognize immediately.  Another instant collection – loyal readers know how much I love these. 

This one also adds some gravy in the form of a DVD with excerpts from 2003’s Led Zeppelin DVD.  Zeppelin is a band for the ages and produced many songs that will stand the test of time (do you really think “Stairway to Heaven” will go out of style?). 

This collection brings together some excellent music and a DVD full of great images, what more could you ask for?  Highly recommended.

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