Album Review: Lady Antebellum – ‘Lady Antebellum’

Lady Antebellum’s self-titled album is a blend of traditional country elements with a rocking energy from start to finish.

The trio – Hillary Scott (vocals), Charles Kelley (vocals), and Dave Haywood (vocals, acoustic guitar, keys) – have created a sound that is both familiar and fresh at the same time, and the album leaves you wanting more.

‘Lady Antebellum’ kicks off with “Love Don’t Live Here” (the first single released to radio) – which sets the pace and tone for the entire album. The song is filled with the classic country style lyrics of heartbreak, but also features an upbeat rocking sound that keeps building throughout the entire song.

The trio keeps the pace thumping with “Lookin’ For A Good Time.” The song is a perfect anthem for any bar and features clever lyrical exchanges between Kelley and Scott. The trio keeps thing rocking with songs like “Love’s Lookin’ Good On You,” and “Slow Down Sister.”

They slow things down for some classic love songs like “One Day You Will,”  “All We’d Ever Need,” and “Things People Say.”

I caught a Lady Antebellum video for “Love Don’t Live Here” and was instantly hooked on the trio’s sound. I was very interested to see if the album could live up to that first hit single, and the answer is: yes it can.

This is one of those albums that instantly becomes a favorite the second you put it in your player, and one that you will be listening to for a long time. Without a doubt, the trio has captured a great sound with this album, and I can’t wait to hear what they do for a follow-up.

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