Album Review: KT Tunstall – ‘Drastic Fantastic’

Finally, music fans have an album that lives up to its name and is both drastic and fantastic. 

Kate “KT” Tunstall is a Scottish rocker who found out that it pays off big when the head act drops out.  She rose to fame when scheduled performer Nas cancelled on Later with Jools Holland (a music show on BBC2) in the UK. 

She had 24 hours to step up to the plate and go on the show.  She did and the performance was so good she stood out amongst the more well known acts and a website poll for the show reflected the audience’s appreciation of her performance. 

A break in the U.S. came when Katharine McPhee sang her song “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” on American Idol and that started the songs meteoric rise to number one on the charts (it was in 79th place before the exposure).  Finally, she received a Grammy nomination for the same song in 2007 (but didn’t win). 

‘Drastic Fantastic’ is her third album.  ‘Little Favours’ (note the Brit spelling) is quite driving and starts the album on a good note with a great song and probably my favorite. 

Hopefully the attention received above will get her some radio play since there are some great songs on the album.

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