Album Review: Kellie Coffey – ‘Walk On’

Kellie Coffey is a country/western singer from Oklahoma who had some success with the single “When You Lie Next to Me” in 2002 (reaching number 8 on US charts).  Not to mention that she got her start singing and writing songs for the show Walker Texas Ranger. 

In 2003 she won the Academy of County Music’s top new Female Vocalist Award.  These accolades cumulated with her touring and opening for many country music superstars. 

She now returns with her new album ‘Walk On.’  The song that caught my ear was “When Pigs Fly.”  It doesn’t sound like it would be your traditional country anthem, but what I liked was its sense of humor.  It’s about a gal telling all the nice things she’s going to do for her man – when pigs fly.  Funny. 

“I Would Die for That” is the more heart wrenching song with Kellie singing about a woman’s dealing with infertility and her wanting to have a baby.  Kellie took about a year off from her career to begin a family, so the song has a certain amount of joy behind it but is still about the longing for a child.

I thought that the album was very good and think that this Oklahoma girl has done well for herself and will continue to make beautiful music. 

‘Walk On’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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