Album Review: Keith Urban – ‘Greatest Hits’

Keith Urban hit the American airwaves in 1999 when his self titled album entered the charts.  That album produced five hits and he eventually won him the Top New Male Vocalist award from the Academy of Country Music Awards in 2001. 

Urban perhaps entered the realm of uber-star when in 2006 he married actress (and fellow Australian) Nicole Kidman.  The compilation brings together eighteen songs (aka 18 Kids) that Urban has hand selected to represent his career. 

Not only does he include old favorites but two new songs, “Romeo’s Tune” and “Got it Right this Time (the Celebration),” start off the album.  Old favorites include his number one hits “But for the Grace of God,” “Somebody Like You,” and “Better Life.” 

Quite a lot of them are “radio edits” either for content or for time and that struck me as a bit odd, but perhaps his fans will appreciate this since they’re more familiar with these.  I don’t have any of his albums so I’m unsure if the radio edits were the ones included on those. 

This was a nice compilation for both his fans and those that have heard his stuff on the radio (again they’ll be getting the edits they heard in the first place). 

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