Album Review: Kate Voegele – ‘Don’t Look Away’

Don’t look away?  How could you?  She’s pretty good looking (wink, wink).  Kate Voegele is from Ohio and has recently (2006) signed with MySpace Records.  I didn’t know that MySpace had gotten into the record business, but then again I don’t keep up with such things. 

She won the New York City Songwriters Circle award in 2006 for her song “I Won’t Disagree.”  It’s on “Don’t Look Away” and it is a fine tune.  I can see how it was singled out for praise. 

“Chicago” gets the album off to a great start and it only gets better from there.  The track “Only Fooling Myself” also got praise from the 2006 USA Songwriting Contest and the praise is worthy when you hear the track – great tune.  She ends the album with “Kindly Unspoken” that has a nice, blues quality to it. 

Voegele shows that MySpace Records was correct in their decision to sign her to their label and her talent is on full display for all to see (or hear as it may be).  I quite liked her songwriting, singing, and she’s a looker too (you can never go wrong with that combination). 

‘Don’t Look Away’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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