Album Review: Kamera – ‘Resurrection’

Kamera is a band from Sweden consisting of Joakim Hjelm (vocals), Kit Balance (bass), Linus Wiklund (guitar), Carl DeLorean (drums) and Nico (synthesizers). 

Not that you’d notice that from the picture on the front, they do have a European feel but I was thinking more of England or maybe Germany (the lead singer, I assume, looks like a German u-boat captain – shades of Jurgen Prochnow). 

However, I did get a strong 70s or 80s vibe from that pic and wondered if the album was a re-release.  That notion proved to be both true and false since the band is modern but their sound harkens back to those decades. 

The band definitely sounds like one from the 80s, such as Duran Duran or Pet Shop Boys, so if you don’t have tolerance for that decade or bands from it then you may not like what you hear. 

Since that’s more of my generation I happened to like what I heard, no matter what country they’re from (they don’t sound anything but American to my ears – no accents here). 

As they say, what is old is new again.  I’d have to say that my favorite track is the breezy ‘Like a Drug.’  Very addictive to my 80s influenced ears.

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