Album Review: Josh Groban – ‘Awake Live’

Josh Groban performs his double platinum album ‘Awake’ live in this concert at Salt Lake City’s EnergySolutions Arena.  It sounds like everyone had a good time from the crowd reaction on the CD side of things. 

As with other concert releases this one provides both a CD of a selection of nine songs from the show and also has a 106 minute DVD of the concert.  The CD has tracks from the album, including “Mai,” “February Song,” and (of course) “Awake” performed live to an appreciative audience.  Groban also performs “Pearls” with Angelique Kidjo and it’s quite a number. 

The DVD has him performing with Lucia Micarelli (“Aurora” and “Kashmir”) but those tunes don’t make it to the CD.  I guess that’s why it’s always nice to get the concert on DVD since some performances don’t make it onto the CD (space reasons I suppose).

Groban performs with a great deal of energy and it’s accentuated and retuned by the live audience.  Surely, this set will save you the cost of gas (who can afford that nowadays?), a flight to Salt Lake, and the admission cost.  His fans can enjoy this set while they await his return to the studio for another album.

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