Album Review: Jonas Brothers – ‘It’s About Time’

Jonas Brothers’ debut album ‘It’s About Time’ is filled with songs that the young band members and their audience can relate with, but will be lost on anyone that is out of their teen years.

Signed to Columbia Records in 2005, the New Jersey group is composed of three brothers: Joseph(16), Kevin (17), and Nicholas (13). The album’s first single “Mandy” has already made its way to the #4 spot on MTV’s coveted TRL show, and their music has been featured in the kid friendly Nickelodeon TV movie Zoey 101: Spring Break-Up.

They are too rocking to be considered Hanson clones, but the comparison will be made since most of the album’s tracks revolve around school, teenage love, and growing pains. However, the band knows how to fill an album with radio friendly pop rock tunes that are driven with upbeat drums and lots of guitar.

The album kicks off with three fast pop rock tracks “What I Go To School For,” “Time For Me To Fly,” and “Year 3000.” The tunes quickly set the theme and pace for most of the album. “What I Go To School For” tells about teenage love; “Time For Me To Fly” tells about starting to chase down dreams; and “Year 3000” sees hopes for the future.

“6 Minutes” continues the theme of chasing down the perfect girl that is just out of reach; “Mandy” (which heavy guitar riffs seem to come close to punk but not quite) sees the guy getting the perfect girl despite his faults; and “I Am What I am” sees some attitude from the young band.

“One Day At A Time,” “You Just Don’t Know It,” and “Please Be Mine” show the band’s softer side with ballads that are sure to be radio hits – even if some of the lyrics may seem a little cheesy to older audiences.

‘It’s About Time’ is a strong debut for Jonas Brothers, and will no doubt capture young fans. The CD fell a little flat on me, but I am not the group’s target audience. I would recommend it to anyone who likes light guitar pop rock with clever hooks. However, if you are over the age of 18, you might want to give this album a pass.

‘It’s About Time’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information and a complete track listing.

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