Album Review: John Bayless – ‘Circle of Life’

I recall with some amusement and horror of the time that I stepped into an elevator and the muzak version of an Aerosmith song filled my ears.  Makes you feel old when the songs of your youth are now elevator music. 

Is that saying that John Bayless has produced a CD of music fit for an elevator?  No, he takes a much classier (or is that classical?) route but it is odd to hear the songs of Elton John done in the same way. 

John Bayless is a classical pianist and the title of the CD touts “in the style of Bach.”  I was looking forward to the relaxing, tranquil tones of piano music, and was not disappointed, but I found myself occasionally glancing at the back of the CD case to discern which John song it was. 

The music is lovely and masterfully played, but expect to get carried away and not recall which song that Bayless is interpreting.  When you look at the title then you’ll be able to pick out the John melodies. 

It’s an interesting experiment but may appeal more to classical music fans than those of the rocker.  I did spend a refreshing, relaxing afternoon with the album and will return when I need soothing.

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