Album Review: Jesca Hoop – ‘Kismet’

Kismet is a word that means fate and it may have been Jesca Hoop’s fate to be a musician.  She was born of Mormon parents are raised in a musical environment that had the family singing old folk songs and church hymns. 

When her parents split she decided to break away from Mormonism.  She traveled around and finally landed in a job as being a nanny to musicians Tom Waits’ children.  Odd set of circumstances that, but one that ended up being fortuitous for the young singer/songwriter. 

Waits was very much a mentor and ended up putting her demo into the right hands and that got her signed to 3 Entertainment (a newly formed division of Columbia Records). 

While listening to the album I scribbled down “’Silverscreen’ – Beatles by the way of Nightmare Before Christmas” and “’Havoc in Heaven – reminds me of Krzysztof Komeda’s music for Fearless Vampire Killers.”   

The music and lyrics are really haunting and if those “descriptions” peak your interest then you may want to give the album a spin. 

I could definitely hear the folk influence in there, but her sound is a very interesting one to my untrained ear mixing both modern and folk. 

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