Album Review: Idiot Pilot – ‘Wolves’

Idiot Pilot is a duo consisting of Michael Harris (lead vocals, guitar, bass) and Daniel Anderson (guitar, keyboards, vocals).  Their sophomore effort, ‘Wolves,’ features guest drummers Chris Pennie (of rock band Coheed and Cambira) and Travis Barker (of +44) appearing on “Elephant.” 

They’ve seen a bit of exposure as the track “Retina in the Sky” appears on the soundtrack to the film Transformers – although limited exposure since the track wasn’t actually used in the film. 

The band has an interesting mix of both techno, but also has a generous dose of what I’d say was more punk rock territory with some screaming (“In Record Shape”) that I’d more associate with that genre. 

The opening track, “Last Chance,” is a definite hook as its beat and soaring harmonies.  My musical tastes (you may not think that I had any) had me gravitating towards more towards the fare of “Last Chance” than the pounding of “Elephant.” 

I did like “Retina in the Sky” and wondered why it was dropped from the film or not used, but hey that’s Hollywood.

‘Wolves’ is a strong second effort from the duo in my opinion and looking forward for more things to come. 

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