Album Review: Idina Menzel – ‘I Stand’

Idina Menzel’s fame comes from Broadway.  She most recently starred in the show Wicked and performed in Rent in both the version on the great white way and in the filmed version of it, as well as appearing in the recent hit film Enchanted. She won a Tony Award for Rent in 1996 and another for Wicked in 2004. 

‘I Stand’ marks her third solo album and features some of the power ballads that you’d expect from the musicals that she’s been in.  In fact, I usually have my desktop CD player set at a certain volume level and I had to turn it down a notch since Menzel is so bold, brassy, and has a powerful voice. 

You probably don’t want to have your volume cranked up when she powers up the volume on her vocal instrument.  I’m not saying that Menzel is a pain on the ears, but she’s one prone to reach for the rafters when singing and all of these songs are ones in which she sings to them (too loud and I started to get an earache from the vibrations). 

I did like the songs, each feels like it could be from a Broadway show, and they are nice to listen to at the appropriate volumes.  Menzel does have a lovely voice and performs each of the songs with panache. 

I think that her fans will be pleased, but please don’t sit too close to the speakers when you crank up the volume. 

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