Album Review: Hot Hot Heat – ‘Happiness Ltd.’

“Happiness is limited but misery has no end.”  Those words of inspiration can be found in the first track of Hot Hot Heat’s latest album.  I guess we all should slit our wrists but the song has such a driving beat that you can’t help but dancing (and dancing about with your wrists slit is just too damn messy). 

Hot Hot Heat hails from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and consists of Steve Bays (vocals, keyboards), Dustin Hawthorne (bass), Luke Paquin (guitar), and Paul Hawley (drums).  For a band that speaks of a never-ending misery they sure seem to have some driving rock numbers.  You’d think it would be somber and depressing. 

I never had such a good time with such depressing lyrics.  “5 Times Out of 100” has a great beat to it and so does “Harmonicas & Tambourines.”  The latter has to be my favorite song on the album. 

I’ve never heard these lads before but I was impressed with what I heard and liked that the beat didn’t reflect the pessimism of the opening lyric.  I suppose they had to live up to the band’s name and heat things up no matter the lyric. 

‘Happiness Ltd.’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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