Album Review: Guerilla Black – ‘God Bless the Child’

Guerilla Black is a rapper from Compton, California.  He made his debut in 2004 with his album ‘Guerilla City.’  Seems that Guerilla had a conversion of sorts when he witnessed the birth of his son.  Moved by the little fingers and toes he takes a somewhat positive lyric in his rap. 

He starts off with an explanation of this with the chat track “Genesis.”  He seems to have had some inspiration from the man upstairs.  The second track “Thank You (God Bless the Child)” is more the traditional rap but is still a sort of Thanksgiving/biographical track about all the blessings that Guerilla has in his life. 

However, for having had thought about all the blessings in his life he still uses quite a bit of street language and there’s still a parental warning on the cover.  There’s also a song or two that the children aren’t exactly going to be allowed to listen to, like “She Wanna Baller.” 

We have to thank the Lord for sugar daddies too.  Although I’m not exactly the biggest fan of rap, I can appreciate the heartfelt change in attitude that Guerilla (aka Toni Guy) puts into this album. 

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