Album Review: Fireball Ministry – Their Rock Is Not Our Rock

From Los Angeles by way of Cincinnati, Fireball Ministry`s third album is more of the same for them – and thank God for that. The quartet`s melodic, bluesy hard rock fits like a broken-in denim jacket.

Vocalist/guitarist James A. Rota II sometimes sounds like Ozzy Osbourne, and the riffs he supplies with guitarist Emily J. Burton sometimes approximate a streamlined version of Osbourne`s former band. Songs like first single ‘Sundown,’ album opener ‘It Flies Again,’ ‘Under the Thunder’ and ‘In the End’ are hooky, straight-ahead rock that is heavy enough to have the band touring with Opeth, yet with a throwback appeal that has also led to tours with Blue Oyster Cult and Uriah Heep. While the album is straightforward, and occasionally gets bogged down in sameness, ultimately, the power of the riffs wins out.

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