Album Review: Eulogies – ‘Eulogies’

Eulogies consists of Peter Walker (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Chris Reynolds (drums), and Tim Hutton (bass).  Walker was a single artist but hooked up with Reynolds and Hutton on the road and they decided to form a band. 

They get their name, according to Walker on the band’s website, from a eulogy being “words of praise” and the “saying of the unsaid and voicing of the unexpressed to someone you care about.”  He views an album much the same way. 

Walker has a mellow voice and the addition of his bandmates give the songs a driving rock beat.  However, Walker’s mellow voice and lyrics also might remind you a bit of a funeral, although without the bass and drums, on tracks like “Little Davie” (unless you want a rock band at your funeral – sounds good to me). 

They do pick things up on “Under the Knife” (and if you go under the knife with the wrong doc then you may end up at your own funeral).  I thought that Eulogies did have a unique sound and is off to a good start as a group. 

Although those that like their rock a little less laid back might not want to attend.   

‘Eulogies’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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