Album Review: Eric Clapton – ‘Complete Clapton’

Although that disc is called the ‘Complete Clapton,’ I’d think that moniker would be best used on a giant box set.  This collection is quite the grand one, but it seems a bit wrong to call a two disc set “complete” when the man has undoubtedly done much more work.

That minor quibble out of the way, the set is one of those that I dearly love – the instant collection (complete or not).  This set gathers many songs, totaling 36 tracks, that will be very familiar to our ears, from his Cream Days (“I Feel Free,” “White Room,” etc.), one from Blind Faith (“Presence of the Lord”), and two from Derek and the Dominoes (“Bell Bottom Blues” and “Layla”).  Not to mention many of his solo hits, including “After Midnight,” “I Shot the Sheriff (but I didn’t shoot the deputy, the mind fills in),” “Tears in Heaven,” and many more. 

He even teams with B.B. King (“Riding with the King”) and J.J. Cale (“Ride the River”).  This wonderful set collects quite a number of great songs from Clapton from 1968 up to 2006. 

If you’re a fan you may have all the albums that those came off of, but if you’re a casual listener this set offers you an easy say to instantly purchase some great guitar work…. But I did not shoot the deputy.

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