Album Review: Emerson Hart – ‘Cigarettes and Gasoline’

Emerson Hart was a member of the group Tonic, doing both leading vocals and guitar work.  The group was nominated for two Grammies in 2003 (best rock performance by a duo or group for “Take me as I am” and best rock album for ‘Head on Straight’).

Emerson Hart has since amicably parted ways with the group and branches out on his own with ‘Cigarettes and Gasoline.’  I don’t know Tonic’s output so I can only judge this release by its performance and not compare it to his former band (I’m sure there’s no want for me to do that on Hart’s part since he’s going out on his own). 

The album starts off with the great track “Run To” and continues to run through some great songs ending with “Cigarettes and Gasoline.”  Not that you’d want to combine cigarettes and gasoline, but he album is a worthy solo effort and sounds great. 

However, I think my favorite might be the haunting “Green Hills Race for California.”  I just liked the sound of it, reminded me of a folk song to a degree.  “I Know” was also rather upbeat for being a song about a torn apart relationship. 

I think that Hart has made a good album, just no smoking around flammable liquids.

‘Cigarettes and Gasoline’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information. 

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