Album Review: Elvis Presley: Complete 68 Comeback Special: 40th Anniversary Edition

If the King is listening, it might be time to step out of the shadows for the Comeback Special ’08.  You just can’t keep a good man down as Elvis continues to have some number one hits after his death (well, if you believe he’s dead).
It’s interesting to think that the King was in a career slump before ’68 and this concert revitalized him and his career.  The television special, simply entitled Elvis, was to be just Elvis singing a selection of Christmas songs as it was airing in December.
Director Steve Binder had other plans and crafted extravagant musical and production numbers.  The show would later be dubbed the “comeback special” for the way that it reinvigorated Presley’s stagnant career.
The thirty-three year old Presley looks young and vibrant and nothing like the sad, sweaty, bloated mess that we’d come to associate with him in the 70s.  He jokes with the audience and musicians and this brings a smile. 

This four disc extravaganza collects the original album, adding five bonus tracks, as well as the two “sit down,” two “stand up” shows and two discs of rehearsal audio.  It’s an excellent collection and rightly deserves a place on the shelf of any fan of the King. 

It’s too bad that his golden streak wouldn’t last as well know the sad end of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.
This set lets us relive the happier times and remember by Elvis was crowned King.

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