Album Review: Electric Soft Parade – ‘No Need to be Downhearted’

Electric Soft Parade is a band from Brighton, England.  The band is composed of brothers Tom (lead vocals, drums, guitars, keys, violin, melodica, Theremin(!)) and Alex White (guitar, bass, keys, percussion, glockenspiel(!), vibraphone(!)) and Matthew Twaites (bass). 

Those White brothers juggle many duties on instruments as well as writing and arranging the songs that the band plays.  ‘No Need to be Downhearted’ is their fourth album, although I think this is their first U.S. release.  The band has a breezy sound that seems to jibe with the happy-looking city on their album cover. 

‘No Need to be Downhearted (Part 1)’ starts off rather sedate and relaxed and then picks up the pace towards the middle of the song.  My favorite track is “Cold World” which has an upbeat piano beat.  They even through in a musical selection called “Starry Nite #1” at the end of the track. 

It’s not often that you hear a band proficient in Theremin and glockenspiel.  The band reminded me of a slightly Beatles sound but they did know how to rock when then song required it. 

They do a good job of combining those two tempos (easy and rock) in their songs. 

‘No Need to be Downhearted’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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