Album Review: Eastern Conference Champions – ‘Ameritown’

Eastern Conference Champions is a new band consisting of Josh Ostrander (lead vocals, guitar and piano), Greg Lyons (drums), and Vern Z (bass).  Josh and Greg were in another band but decided to part ways with them and go out on their own.  They picked up Vern Z along the way.  ‘Ameritown’ is their first title as a group. 

I’ll have to say that I didn’t know what to expect but had some doubts when I heard Ostrander’s vocals.  At first listen (seconds really) I wondered if I’d be able to take them since they have a raspy, nasal, or whiny quality (I’m trying to describe not insult). 

However, after those few seconds of doubt my fears (of my ears) were without foundation.  The vocals have a habit of growing on you, though you might have doubts at first. 

“The Box” starts off the album well and it like the vocals has a habit of growing you.  “Yuppy Hispter F*ck” has a trippy quality to it but also a rock edge. 

Stick around after the final track “Hollywood” and you’ll be in for a treat after Ostrander coughs you’ll find a hidden track.  The album is a nice beginning for this trio.

‘Ameritown’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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