Album Review: Duffy – ‘Rockferry’

Aimee Anne Duffy hails from Wales, but her sound seems to emanate from the blues of the 1960s. 

It should come as no surprise that she was inspired to begin singing by a videotape her father had of 1960s UK pop show Ready Steady Go!  It should come as no small irony that her rise to fame began with an appearance on the television show Later with Jools Holland.

Her sound definitely reflects that bluesy style that I associate with the era.  ‘Rockferry’ is her first album.  The orchestral “Distant Dreamer” especially sounds like such a song and I would imagine that you could play it, not tell them, and somebody might think that it was from that era and not a modern singer. 

She also plays Glockenspiel on that track so you have to give her kudos; I always admire a gal that can play the Glockenspiel. 

It’s my understanding that she doesn’t like the moniker “the new Dusty Springfield,” but it does come as a complement since Springfield is still admired today and although she’s firmly in the 60s era she still has a fresh, admirable sound. 

Duffy reproduces that freshness that still harkens back to the past.  Its great stuff whatever era you find yourself in.  Groove on.

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