Album Review: Debbie Harry – ‘Necessary Evil’

Debbie Harry is perhaps best known as the lead singer for Blondie, but she has also had a solo career beginning with the album ‘Koo Koo’ in 1981.  Her last solo album was ‘Debravation’ in 1993. 

She now returns fourteen years later with another solo effort.  Not that she’s been sitting around mind you, since she’s been touring with Blondie or having the occasional film or television role. 

Not to mention that at the age of 53 she entered the Guinness Book of World Records for “Oldest Female Singer to reach number one in the UK charts” when Blondie’s “Maria” reached number one across the pond in 1999. 

Not sure how she reacted to that since the women I know don’t exactly like to talk about their ages.  However, Debbie’s solo rocking again with ‘Necessary Evil.’  I really liked the opening song “Two Times Blue,” “If I Had You,” and the title track. 

“School for Scandal” has a retro feel to it, not that it’s a bad thing but I still liked the others better.  “Dirty and Deep” either has some innuendo or I’ve got a dirty mind, probably a little of both. 

All in all it was a good album, but some tracks I liked better than others.  Don’t know if she’ll challenge her Guinness Book record with this album (she’s now in her sixties) but it was a welcome return. 

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