Album Review: Chris Hicks – ‘Dog Eat Dog World’

“Every dog has his day.”

Chris Hicks is no stranger to southern rock.  He was part of a band that opened for the Marshall Tucker Band in the early 90s and became lead guitarist for the Marshall Tucker Band in the later 90s.  Hick’s first solo effort ‘Funky Broadway’ was released in 1996 and ‘Dog Eat Dog World’ marks his return to the solo stage. 

After a near ten year absence of solo efforts the new album just proves that he was too busy for them not that he lacks talent.  He not only sings and play guitar, but also writes several of the songs. 

Hicks shows that he knows how to make the guitar bark at his command and is not afraid to “let loose the hounds.”  The album is a true tribute to southern rock and the energetic ‘Too Cool for School’ is probably the best track on the album (but all of them are good), not to mention that the lyrics struck me as fun as well. 

A welcome return to the solo stage and maybe if time permits he’ll work on another album.  Every dog has his day and Hicks knows how to pick his guitar and sing that we’ll remember his day when his fantastic album is spinning in the CD player.

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