Album Review: Chris Cagle – ‘My Life’s Been a Country Song’

Recently my car was in the shop and I had to borrow my dad’s pickup truck – huge, 4-wheel drive, “good ole’ boy” edition.  Not wanting to fiddle with his radio stations, I listened to the local country station for a few days as Bessie got her fuel pump replaced (attention Chris: name of new song – “How am I gonna pay for this fuel pump?”). 

So I’ll have to admit that I heard “What Kinda Gone” several times over those days so I can imagine it climbing the country charts (in the top ten at my last looking).

‘My Life’s Been a Country Song’ has reached number one on the country charts and I think it has a lot to do with the infectious album opener.  My favorite track, well besides “Gone,” comes near the end and is the title track.

Cagle goes through a litany of classic country songs and relates them to life in general.  Only caveat, no mention of Johnny Cash?  Come on now, that ain’t right (well, unless I just missed it).  I guess Cagle did get Merle Haggard and George Jones in their so he is forgiven. 

‘My Life’s Been a Country Song’ is a great album! If you’re a fan of the single, the album will only offer some other great songs to scoot your boots to. 

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