Album Review: Blind Melon – ‘For My Friends’

Blind Melon is back with their first album since the death of lead singer Shannon Hoon. Blind Melon’s last album was ‘Nico’ in 1996. The band never got huge mainstream attention. They were known mostly for their song “No Rain” from their self titled album released in 1992.

But for true music fans Blind Melon had much more to offer than “No Rain.” Hoon was a spectacular vocalist, and the band oozed originality. 

Blind Melon reunited in 2006 with new lead singer Travis Warren, who left his smaller band Rain Fur Rent. The new Blind Melon recently released their first album titled ‘For My Friends’.

At first I felt like Warren was just trying to mimic Hoon, which is an impossible task, but after listening to the entire album it was apparent that he was a great choice for lead replacement. His tone is similar enough to keep Blind Melon sounding the same, but he still manages to have his own distinctive voice.

The lyrics are smart and interesting; there are sad songs and fun songs but all are well written. The band still has clever and surprising arias. The melodies are unique and stick with that original feel-good Blind Melon vibe.

There are several genuinely good songs on this album. My personal favorites are “For My Friends”, “So High”, and “With the Right Set of Eyes”.

Travis Warren has a good sound, and there are nice harmonies, but vocally I’m still a bigger fan of Shannon Hoon. I don’t think anything can top the originality of old Blind Melon but this album gets close.

Overall this is definitely a worthy buy and Blind Melon is still a band to be followed. Original fans, you will not be disappointed.

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