Album Review: Blake Lewis – ‘Audio Day Dream’

Blake Lewis is another contestant on American Idol.  He placed second on the sixth season of the show, losing out to Jordin Sparks.  An EP was released via iTunes but ‘Audio Day Dream’ (aka A.D.D.) is his first album. 

Lewis was known on the show for his beat box and scatting skills and as you’d expect these skills are put on display for A.D.D.  The album starts off with the funky “Break Anotha,” but my favorite arrives next with “Gots to Get Her.”  Though it’s not exactly a remake, it’s inspired by “Puttin’ on the Ritz.” 

I assume the Irving Berlin version and not Young Frankenstein since there’s not a line for the monster; however, the chorus line is the same tempo and flavor of Berlin’s famous tune. 

“Know my Name” features a guest appearance by Lupe Fiasco.  The album does have and appeal for fans of the performer, but I’m not sure that beat boxing is anything that I’d call hip.  Didn’t it go out in the 80s? 

Well, I suppose that what’s old is new again as they say.  Your enjoyment might depend on your tolerance for the boxing.  The album does live up to its title, or the other interpretation of A.D.D., in that it has several different styles mixed in there. 

I’m not a big American Idol watcher, but I did like Lewis’ take on “Puttin’ on the Ritz.”  I’m sure if you liked him on the show then you’ll enjoy this album.

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