Album Review: Bitter:Sweet – ‘The Remix Game’

I guess I wasn’t the only one that liked Bitter:Sweet’s ‘The Mating Game’ since various remix producers gather together to remix the songs from that album.  As I’ve said before, “remixing” can sometimes be a chore to listen to since a whole album by particular artists can get somewhat repetitive. 

I recently heard ‘Mating Game’ remixed on ‘The Remix Sessions’ by Kraak & Smaak (who don’t appear on this new album) and it just made me want to listen to the song instead of the remix. 

This new experiment adds mixes by Nicola Conte (“Heaven”), Thievery Corporation (“Bittersweet Faith”), Skeewiff (“Dirty Laundry”), and many other artists.  Menez One joins JAB on “Our Remains.”  I do suppose it is a novelty that the producers decided to remix the entire album and not just one or two songs on their own albums. 

However, although some of them are quite good and have interesting variations on the originals I still wanted to return to the originals and listen to them.  This does offer some interesting variations that you’ll want to play when you’re on the dance floor though. 

If you too where a fan of ‘The Mating Game’ you should pick this up for the variation, but just keep the original close at hand. 

‘The Remix Game’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information. 

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