Album Review: Augie March – ‘Moo You Bloody Choir’

The Age calls Augie March “surely the outstanding Australian band of this decade.”  My knowledge of Australian bands is about nil, but the Age might be onto something and I’ll have to take their word for it. 

The band takes its name from Saul Bellows book The Adventures of Augie March.  The band was formed in 1996 by Glenn Richards (singer/songwriter/guitarist), David Williams (drums), Edmondo Ammendola (bass), and Adam Donovan (guitar).  Kiernan Box (keyboards) was added to the mix in 2002.   

‘Moo You Blood Choir’ is the band’s third album but is the first one that has been given a wide US release.  The album begins grandly with “One Crowded Hour,” which starts quietly and then builds into an excellent tune.  It’s intriguing that it was inspired by the story of war correspondent Neil Davis, who famously filmed his own death when his still rolling camera dropped in front of him. 

Strangely, it all fits and adds to the melancholy that the song has in it.  It’s been burning up the Aussie charts.  It’s a grand song and perhaps my favorite on the album. 

“The Cold Acre” is another favorite with its toe tapping rhythm and piano.  It’s fitting that the band takes its name from Saul Bellow since the lyric has a literary quality. 

I still don’t have anything to judge them by as far as Australian bands go, but Moo You Bloody Choir is bloody good and worth a listen. 

‘Moo You Bloody Choir’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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