Album Review: Ari Hest – ‘The Break-In’

Ari Hest teased me a bit with his five track ‘Green Room Sessions’ on which two of the songs from his (then) forthcoming album appeared.  They were “So Slow” and “Just as Well.” 

It’s been long enough that I don’t really recall if the versions that appear on ‘The Break-In’ are any different than what appeared on ‘Green Room Sessions.’  I expressed interest in that ‘Green Room’ whetted my appetite for the final album and now that I have it I haven’t gone away unsatisfied. 

To my memory, ‘The Break-In’ continues that “homemade/minimalist/folksy” feel with just Ari and his guitar for the most part.  So as a precursor to the new album, the sessions is a good gauge as to whether you’ll like it or not – if you liked sessions then you’ll certainly like ‘The Break-In.’ 

Hess has a great voice and even shows off his vocal range on “I’ve Got You” as he hits the high notes.  “Bird Never Flies” is also a great song and features some great guitar work. 

I think that ‘The Break-In’ is a worthy follow-up to ‘Green Room Sessions’ and my appetite was sated.  If you’re a fan of his other works, then the feast just continues with this solid album. 

‘The Break-In’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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