Album Review: Ann Wilson – ‘Hope & Glory’

Ann Wilson makes her solo debut with ‘Hope & Glory’ and once again shows she has one of the best voices in rock. The album of classic covers features the singer teaming up with a variety of fellow musicians for songs she felt were still important to the world around us.

On the album, Wilson is joined by Elton John, Deana Carter, Shawn Colvin, Alison Krauss, k.d. lang, Rufus Wainwright, Gretchen Wilson, Nancy Wilson, and Wynonna. She covers a wide range of classic rock tunes – including “Where To Now St. Peter?,” “Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall,” “Bad Moon Rising,” and “Darkness Darkness.”

While some of the songs show a softer and even country side (“Bad Moon Rising”) of the legendary Heart singer, Wilson manages to crank up the rock on a couple of tunes – such as “Immigrant Song.”

‘Hope & Glory’ is easy to enjoy, and Wilson makes sure to pack it full of her strong vocals and spirit. It is clear she enjoys every song on the album, and is having fun recording them with her friends.

My personal favorites were “Where To Now St. Peter?,” (a duet with Elton John), “Bad Moon Rising” (which comes across as the perfect bar song with Gretchen Wilson), and “Darkness Darkness” (where Wilson’s voice is haunting).

‘Hope & Glory’ is a great solo debut for Wilson, and leaves you wanting to hear more. I have been a fan of Heart for years, and was looking forward to hearing this album. As always, Wilson doesn’t let fans down. I highly recommend this album.

‘Hope & Glory’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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