Album Review: Air Traffic – ‘Fractured Life’

Air Traffic is an English rock band from across the pond (specifically Bournemouth, England) that is making their debut on American shores.  They consist of Chris Wall (vocals, piano, and guitar), David Ryan Jordan (drums), Jim Maddock (bass guitar), and Tom Pritchard (guitar). 

In another review, I thought the band was from England and it turned out that they were from Georgia, and Air Traffic reminded me of them in the beginning.  However the other band rocked throughout their album, Air Traffic decides to slow down the pace for several songs. 

These songs are the ones on the album that I found myself experience a little turbulence.  I much preferred the up-tempo numbers like “Come On” to the slower ones, such as “Empty Space” (although appealing). 

“Shooting Star” is an interesting combination of the two paces however.  That’s not to say that the album is rotten.  I liked what I heard, I just liked the rocked out songs more than the slower ones.  As a bonus, if you stick around after the final track (around 15 minutes!) you’ll be treated to a bonus instrumental.

I retuned my seat to its upright position and did like Air Traffic; let’s just fracture ourselves rocking out on the next album.  However, all in all it was a satisfying flight – extra peanuts please.

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