Album Review: Aaron Tippin – ‘He Believed’

Aaron Tippin joins Ricky Skaggs on the menu at Cracker Barrel with the release of his new album. 

‘He Believed’ is a tribute to Tippin’s late father, who died in a car crash in 2005.  ‘He Believed,’ co-written by his wife Thea, is a moving tribute to both Tippin’s father and fathers and sons everywhere.

‘County Boy’s Toolbox’ and ‘Trim Yourself to Fit the World’ join that track in being newly recorded by Tippin.  He also puts on some songs that his dad loved and that he thinks guys will love since he considers this a “guy’s” album. 

His hits are represented and include ‘I Got it Honest’ and ‘Working Man’s Ph.D.’ He also sings ‘My Blue Angel’ for the mothers that might buy the album.  A little something old and a little something new, but it is a fine tribute to Tippin’s dad and a nice present for father’s day if you might need one. 

You’ll have to take dad out for dinner to get it since it’s only at Cracker Barrel restaurants in their Country Store, but you know that dad always likes a good meal with his country music.

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