Album Review 2: Katharine McPhee – ‘Katharine McPhee’

In her self titled debut album, the runner up on the fifth season of American Idol (losing to Taylor Hicks) gets her chance to climb the charts and see if America catches “McPheever.” 

She has not done a bad job since the album debut was number 2 on the Billboard 200.  I’ll have to admit that my familiarity with American Idol just extends to the myriad of press stories lately about all the less than talented folks that actually make it to the air (and actually think that they’re the most talented people in the room).  In other words, I don’t watch the show. 

What I’ve been able to learn is that McPhee was known for her old school rendition of “Over the Rainbow.”  Those expecting something along those lines on this album will be disappointed.  She seems to be intent on stepping away from such “old-fashioned” songs and styles.  So what’s to be found?  A lot of what I’d call bubblegum pop. 

The album starts off with the bouncy “Love Story,” continues with the typical break up song “Over It.”  The next track is downright silly and called “Open Toes.”  At first I thought it was camel toes, which would be a different song altogether.  Actually the song is about a girl stepping out in her open toed shoes.  “Home” is the next track and is more of a power ballad and is the first song that captured my attention. 

McPhee is a hottie (see the provocative picture on the album cover) and is very talented.  I liked her voice, but I thought most of the songs didn’t really differentiate her from the current crop of Britneys.  Her debut is not bad, but it just seems like more of the same bugglegum.  Whatever the case, her fans will defiantly love it. 

‘Katharine McPhee’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information and a complete track listing.

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