Album Review 2: Hoobastank – ‘Every Man for Himself’

Hoobastank is not a tropical disease, but a band that consists of Dan Estrin (guitar), Chris Hesse (drums) and Douglas Robb (vocals).  I always jest that if somebody told me they had hoobastank that I’d get to a physician immediately.  Though the name is easy to make fun of (mea culpa), its oddity makes it easy to remember. 

My first exposure to them was to get a sampler of this album from a chain electronics store.  I liked what I heard and was happy to get the album for review (especially since the sampler only had one full song and the other two were clips).  The album starts off with a 52 second talk by a R. Lee Ermey type drill instructor yelling “The Rules” that leads into “Born to Lead” and doesn’t let up. 

If I’m not mistaken the only full song on my sampler disc was “Don’t Tell Me.”  I enjoyed it and the band and the album lives up to my expectations from listening to that one song. 

From my viewpoint, the sampler did its job and got me interested in the band.  Since I was not too familiar with them in the first place, I can’t compare and contrast them with their other albums.  I can only say that I liked every song on the album. 

‘Every Man for Himself’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information and a complete track listing.

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