Al Sharpton on Anderson Cooper’s ‘different’ life?

Rev. Al Sharpton, who once quipped that gay Republicans are like chickens who eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken, has inadvertently mentioned on CNN the other night that news anchor Anderson Cooper may be living a sinful life, alluding to his alleged homosexuality.

Cooper recently hosted a segment on CNN with Al Sharpton, author Roland Martin and Family Research Council President Tony Perkins. noted that the three men debated the rights and “wrongs” on the issues of homosexuality, AIDS and other religious hot button subjects when Sharpton pointed out that Anderson may very well land in Hell for his behavior.

“I may have some very conservative personal feelings but I feel you have the right to live your life differently. I may think that what you do Anderson is gonna put you in Hell, but I’m gonna defend your right to get there.”

CNN’s Anderson didn’t miss a beat: “I appreciate all your concerns about my afterlife. I’m personally not all that concerned, but that’s a whole other discussion.”


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