‘Agent of Chaos’

This new title is called “Chaos,” and it is published by Underland Press. Authored by Escober, the product description notes:

“When British soldier Alex Fisher returns home from his tour in Bosnia, he’s plagued by blackouts, recurring nightmares, and uncontrollable acts of violence. Escaping to Mexico, he sets off on a globetrotting tour in an attempt to finally distance himself from the demons in his head.

A chance meeting with a mysterious woman named Angela introduces Fisher to a far more passionate — and far more dangerous — life. After a series of life-threatening encounters, Fisher begins to wonder just who Angela really is — or even if she’s real at all.

With his grip on reality slipping, Fisher’s demons return in full force, awakening a flood of suppressed memories. As he attempts to sort through his complicated and half-remembered past, Fisher discovers that the truth is harder to accept than the lies. The first of four books by a popular Dutch writing duo, this tense, psychologically acute thriller marks their American debut.”

The press release describes the book as: “a heart-stopping psychological thriller, in English for the first time.”

More info can be found http://www.underlandpress.com/book_detail.cfm?RecordID=11

The novel finishes at 320 pages and will be available June 16th.


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