Additions to Billy Elliot cast

***image2:left***London: On June 5th, Billy Elliot the Musical will welcome four new cast members. Joining will be:

Sally Dexter as Mrs. Wilkinson
Sara Poyzer as Mum
Leyci Wightman as Debbie
Shaun Malone as Michael

The cast currently includes Leon Cooke, Travis Yates, Liam Mower, Colin Bates, Matthew Koon, Chris Lennon, Alex Delamare, Paul Broughton, Philip Whitchurch, Stephanie Putson, Brooke Havana Bailey, Emma Hudson, Leigh Laurie, Brad Kavanagh, Joey Phillips, Ryan Longbottom, Haydn Gwynne, Ann Emery, and Isaac James.

Billy Elliot opened at The Victoria Palace on May 11, 2005 to stellar reviews. It features direction by Stephen Daldry, and music and lyrics by Elton John.

Billy Elliot is the story about one young boy’s struggle to study ballet even though his macho dad and brother won’t stand for it.

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