Adam Sandler Leaves His Mark in Hollywood

Actor and comedian Adam Sandler was honored in Hollywood Tuesday, imprinting his hands and footprints in the cement in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard where more than 180 stars have been immortalized.

Jack Nicholson, Rob Schneider and Kathy Bates were among the people in the audience as Sandler gave his speech saying, “Today’s one of the first times when I’m just sitting back and doing what my father told me and enjoying the moment and enjoying the fact that this is a terrific feeling.”

He continued by telling the audience that when he told his family he was going to pursue a career in acting, they told him he would follow in the footsteps of some big stars.

“I didn’t become any of those people, but today I can officially say I am now the legendary Adam Sandler.”

Along with his handprints and prints of his shoes, Sandler wrote in the cement, “Hi to everyone.”

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