Adam Brody, Curt Schilling VS. Cyber Bullies, Cindy Crawford Lawsuit on The Talk VIDEOS

curtAdam Brody Visits; The Hosts on Curt Schilling Against Cyber Bullies + Cindy Crawford Lawsuit – THE TALK (3/3)

Adam Brody on ‘The Young and the Restless’ TV Debut

Actor Adam Brody discusses his first television role on the CBS daytime drama, “The Young and the Restless.” Brody says, “It was so fast…I was 19 [years-old] there, but I sound like I’m 13.” He also talks about his new show, “Billy & Billie.”

Adam Brody on ‘The Young and the Restless’ TV Debut

Ex-Red Sox Curt Schilling Strikes Back Against Cyber Bullies

Former Red Sox pitching great, Curt Schilling, strikes back against the cyber creeps who targeted his 17-year-old daughter. Now one of the bullies has reportedly been suspended from college and the other was reportedly fired.

On Sunday, Schilling penned a 1,700-word blog post exposing some of the Twitter trolls who had been harassing him by sending sexually explicit messages about his 17-year-old daughter, who he had publicly congratulated for getting into college. In many cases, these tweets were far, far over the line, going past your typical locker-room crap venturing into talk of rape.

Schilling called out two of the Twitter asshats in particular: Sean MacDonald and Adam Nagel, both of whom have since deleted their accounts. In the aftermath of Schilling’s crusade, Nagel was suspended by Brookdale Community College, where he’s a student, and MacDonald was terminated by the Yankees, where he worked as a part-time ticket seller. MacDonald’s tweets aimed at Schilling’s daughter — which we won’t reproduce here, but you can find on Schilling’s blog — included things like which sexual positions he’d use on her.

Sharon Osbourne says, “It’s not a playground for abuse…until these people are reprimanded and they have to face consequences it’s never gonna stop. We have to start now.”

Cindy Crawford Lawsuit Threatened Over Fake Photo

The viral photo of Cindy Crawford’s flabby abs is apparently fake and now there could be a huge lawsuit. Are you happy or disappointed that her body might indeed be perfect? Guest co-host Alyssa Milano says, “I’m bummed that that’s not her. I really am…I had a baby six months ago and my abs look exactly like that right now.”