Acerbic comedienne Kathy Griffin says her husband stole from her

Startling talk-show host Larry King and many of her fans, Kathy Griffin revealed that her ex-husband Matt Moline stole from her bank accounts.

The star of Bravo’s Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, has divorced her husband, Matt Moline, but the comic went on record with CNN’s Larry King, that Moline stole $72,000 from her.

According to a story posted on Entertainment Tonight’s website, Griffin told King that Moline used her ATM cards without her knowledge and that the alleged theft prompted the couple’s original split a year ago.

Griffin and Moline reconciled about six months ago and appeared to be together during the filming of the second season of My Life on the D-List, which wrapped most of its taping in mid-April.

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