According to Bella – Book Review

Local reporter Bella Smart stumbles across a dead body.  Journalistic instincts come to the fore – if she can find the murderer first, then it will give her a scoop and definitely improve her career prospects.

Unfortunately this brings her into conflict with Detective Sergeant Jonathan Wright, on secondment from the Met.  He is none too pleased about her activities, especially when she succeeds in interviewing suspects before he does.  Conflict inevitably results. 

Add to the mix, a problem with thieves attacking local shops, a supermarket chain trying to buy up land and a touch of romance and humor- and you have all the ingredients for a relaxing read.  Bella is a feisty character, intent on creating a life for herself and her daughter. Her contacts are exhaustive and she is very persistent – even policemen become suspects!

Working as a crime reporter for many years has given Sally Murrer quite an insight. She was actually arrested and charged at one point with obtaining police information illegally – a case which was eventually thrown out of court.  Such experience is clearly brought to bear in this, her first crime novel.