A Year Without Autumn – Book Review

Jenni Green and her family are on holiday at a time share resort where they go every year.  So is Jenni’s best friend Autumn.  On her way to meet Autumn, Jenni gets into a lift. When she reaches the ground she finds she has been transported one year forward in time – and that tragedy has struck. 

Autumn’s brother Mikey had an accident which has left him in a coma.  Jenni’s parents marriage has broken up, and Autumn’s parent’s marriage is in crisis.  Jenni wants to prevent all this happening – but first she has to work out just how she managed to skip a year. 

Can she manage to get back in time to deal with the consequences of Mikey’s fall from a horse? An enjoyable story highlighting how one action can make a tremendous difference to the lives of many people.  It is a tale of friendship and determination with characters that really jump off the page.