A Jew Grows in Brooklyn is on the move again

***image2:left***New York: A Jew Grows in Brooklyn, Jake Ehrenreich’s hit Off-Broadway show is on the move. The production will transfer theaters once again, this time moving to the 37 Arts Theatre on October 11th. The show will play its final performance at The Lamb’s Theatre on September 17th.

Ehrenreich said in a statement, “Audiences keep coming, and coming back with their friends and their family. I come out to meet with the audience after each show. I’m so grateful because so many people will relate their own life experiences to me; they’re from a survivor family, or grew up in Brooklyn, or loved early rock music, or went to the Catskills, or just relate to the American immigrant’s journey. There’s something universal. So now we’re moving Brooklyn a few blocks south of Times Square to an even larger theatre.”

The show written by and starring Jake Ehrenreich is an innovative and delightful new musical comedy that tells the autobiographical story of Jake Ehrenreich’s first generation American journey. Through sometimes poignant, often times hysterical stories about his family, Jake weaves together haimish wisdom and a hip modern sensibility to create an entertaining and touching two hours of comedy and song. From his parents’ survival of the Holocaust to his stickball recollections in Brooklyn to his Catskill Mountain memories, Jake uses his unique musical and comedic talent to present a tour de force performance. Through the use of video images, the audience gets to meet some of Jake’s family members, such as his Great Aunt Regina (and her penchant for plastic slipcovers) and his father, Jonah (on Baseball: “What kind of a game is this? two people play and eight people watch?!”).

Jon Huberth directs.

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