A day spent ‘Dancing with the Stars': Ciao to Frau Leachman

Yesterday was spent cozily ensconced in the amazing custom makeup trailer of Emmy winning department head makeup artist Melanie Mills and her key group of local 706 artists – as all the celebrities and professional dancers of ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ came through to buff up for the night’s show.

More coming tomorrow on the product details of what the stars actually use and how the whole makeup design process goes down with part two of Melanie Mills’ Emmy winning core team of artists that include amazing talents Angela Moos, Patti Ramsey Bortoli, Zena Shteysel and Nadege Shoenfeld.  

These women perform miraculous feats of transformation. What I witnessed yesterday was nothing short of creative genius on their part.

Sadly, the night later revealed that dancers Cloris Leachman and her professional partner Corky Ballas were done for the series, but Leachman popped a squat on the stage with the host and her partner, and said flatly she wasn’t going anywhere.

Cloris and Corky were the seventh couple eliminated from the reality dance competition’s seventh season during last night’s live results show broadcast on ABC.

“I’m not leaving,” Leachman said on stage as “Dancing with the Stars” host Tom Bergeron began to announce whether it was Leachman or All My Children actress Susan Lucci who would be going home.

Leachman went right to the judges table and held their hands, exchanging kisses and said, “I couldn’t have been voted off by any nicer people than you, thank you,” Leachman told the judges after her elimination was announced.  To a teary judge Carrie Ann Inaba, she said “I know you didn’t mean what you said,” referencing her critical remarks of Cloris after Toni Braxton’s elimination.

Leachman sat on stage and reiterated her vow to stay. “I’m not leaving,” Leachman said.  “I’m going to get a pretty costume and be here next week.  I’m going to sit right over there [in the audience].”

“Thank you everybody,” Leachman said as she waved to the show’s audience.

Leachman and Ballas had performed a cha-cha during Monday night’s performance show.  Her performance inspired withering comments from Judge Bruno Tonioli, “My darling, you’ve got to be the only person in the world able to sell such nonsense as a cha-cha,” Tonioli told Leachman after the performance.  “And people buy it! They buy it!”

“You’re an inspiration to older people [and] my father told me I better not say a bad word about you tonight, but I also have to shoot straight and be honest with you,” guest judge Michael Flatley told Leachman.  “I think you’re incredibly lucky to have a talented young man like [Ballas] helping you each week to stay in the competition.”

Lance Bass -photo ©M&C

Lance Bass -photo ©M&C

“You know I love you… but I gotta tell it to you, we lost Toni Braxton [last week] for this, and that kinda makes me sad because it’s unfortunate to watch a great dancer leave the competition and then watch this,” Inaba told Leachman.

“I know I’m going to be hated by all of you, but it’s the truth,” Inaba continued as the studio audience booed her.

Lacey Schwimmer rocks the lashes -photo ©M&C

Lacey Schwimmer rocks the lashes -photo ©M&C

Lance Bass and professional partner Lacey Schwimmer had led Monday night’s judges’ leaderboard besting Brooke Burke and professional partner Derek Hough.  Lacey rocked a double pair of false eyelashes for her performance that looked really cool up close and personal too.

Derek Hough and Kym Johnson talk Halloween parties  -photo ©M&C

Derek Hough and Kym Johnson talk Halloween parties -photo ©M&C

Susan Lucci and her professional partner Tony Dovolani had received a score of 23, which tied them with Cody Linley and partner Julianne Hough (out and replaced with Editya Sliwinska) for fourth place.

Former NFL star Warren Sapp and partner Kym Johnson placed third.  

Two-time Olympic gold medalist track star Maurice Greene and professional partner Cheryl Burke had received a score of 21, which had left them ahead of Leachman and Ballas.

Derek Hough yesterday was an energetic blast in the makeup trailer, as he animatedly shared that he was hosting a Halloween party, and noted that Mark Ballas’ costume was going to be “a penis”.

Kym Johnson, Sapps pro partner- photo ©M&C

Kym Johnson, Sapp’s pro partner- photo ©M&C

Thanks to Brooke Burke, the trailer was filled suddenly with an impromptu Creative Brazil jewelry trunk show, and along with the makeup artists, pro dancer Kym Johnson was over the moon with the shopping opportunity, as Sapp, a wine connoisseur, talked about some delicious Napa varietals that he planned on gifting the makeup team with from his private stash.  Even he eyed the custom Creative Brazil wearable art displayed inside the trailer.

Creative Brazil designer shows the stars the goods -photo ©M&C

Creative Brazil designer shows the stars the goods -photo ©M&C

Susan Lucci and other stars all lamented they had little time to shop given their hectic schedules.  They made up for lost time trying on the stunning collection that featured a flattering matte gold patina in cuffs, cabochon rings and strand necklaces.

A stand-out item included a choker-styled necklace that was a delicate web with a perfectly sculpted little spider hanging by a thread, which could be attached to the web.  A perfect high-end Halloween adornment.  Sounds funky, but everyone lost their mind over it, including me.

Warren (L) appreciates the finer things in life, Melanie Mills (R)- photo ©M&C

Warren (L) appreciates the finer things in life, Melanie Mills (R)- photo ©M&C

Wine, busted and blinged-out tooth covers and handcuffs dominated the conversation with Sapp, who teased Creative Brazil’s designer Heather Capps that he was looking for some nice “gold handcuffs.”  

During his makeup, Sapp proceeded to give me some insight on the making of low-end bullet casing tooth covers and custom diamond grills (removable, who knew) that adorn the teeth of some famous rappers. 

The workaholic was hopping on a plane early next day to report to his Showtime “Inside the NFL” show.

More to come.

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