A Chat with Donny and Marie for NBC’s America’s Favorite Mom

“America’s Favorite Mom” will be airing on NBC on Sunday, May 11 at 7:00 pm Eastern.

Teleflora, the world’s leading floral wire service, and NBC today revealed the 15 semi-finalists in the nationwide search for America’s Favorite Mom.  The inspirational stories of the three top moms in each of the five categories — military moms, working moms, single moms, “Non-mom” moms and “Chairman of Everything” moms — will be featured on NBC’s “Today” show May 5 through May 9 during the 9 o’clock hour.

Each day, America will vote on who will continue into the final round. The winning mom will be crowned during the primetime television special, “Teleflora presents America’s Favorite Mom,” airing on Mother’s Day Sunday, May 11 at 7 p.m. EDT.

Hosting “America’s Favorite Mom” will be the brother and sister duo Marie and Donny Osmond, who spoke to Monsters and Critics with other online journalists the other day regarding the new show.

What are your Mother’s day plans?

Donny Osmond: What’s in store for us on Mother’s Day? A lot of rehearsing for this tour. We’re just about ready to go on a huge tour and Teleflora — along with NBC — asked us to do this Mother’s Day show and we thought, , this is such a special day for us because we love our mother so much.
And it’s a pretty significant day for us because she passed away on Mother’s Day four years ago, and we couldn’t turn this down. So we’re putting all of our rehearsals on hold and doing this show for Teleflora and NBC.

And then we’ll probably get right back to work.  We’ll take Mother’s Day off. I think we should take Mother’s Day off. I think my wife would appreciate that.

Marie Osmond: Your wife is a mother.

Tell us about the Vegas show

Marie Osmond: Well we have – boy, I tell you, we’re not going to slow down for a whole year. We are in rehearsals right now for the big 50th tour. Can I just say this show is going to be phenomenal.

It’s going to be an amazing show. I’m sorry that we’re not doing it here in the US, but we’re going to be in – all over Europe and Australia, and Asia. But it’s – Donny has done an amazing job.

It’s just going to be such a great show for the brothers and the family. And then we come home and we go right into rehearsals — we’re going to do a week at the MGM-Grand.

And then from there we’re going to do six months at The Flamingo in Las Vegas. And the show – we have been going crazy. I mean, from costume designing to getting everything – it’s crazy because we’re going to be over in Europe.

So we’re trying to do all of this in the next few weeks plus this show that we’re doing that we’re very excited about like Donny said, since our mom passed away on Mother’s Day.

And mothers – I’ll tell you, they’re the nucleus of life and I believe that this kind of an honor is something that we really do need to honor these women – because I mean, I’m a mom of eight.

I’ve worked with  Olympic shows and I’ve done inaugurations and television shows, and everything. Being a mom is the most – it’s a difficult and rewarding job out there. But, kids don’t come home to their video games. They come home to their moms and, husbands they may like their couches, but they do come home to their wives.

Donny Osmond: Well what’s pretty interesting about – to follow up on the Vegas thing is that this show — this Mother’s Day show that we’re doing — really is the first time that Marie and I have performed together, I think, in about eight years.

I think the last time we performed together, Marie, was – or sang together was on the Donny & Marie Talk Show. So this really begins – this Mother’s Day show begins the process of working together that is going to culminate in Las Vegas.

Marie Osmond: But even that, Donny, wasn’t like this. This is – we’re talking full out variety, . And it’s going to be – it’s fun. Vegas is having a resurgence in that kind of stuff. It’s the people that – I guess Cher is there now and,  we had Sonny & Cher on our show.

And I mean, it’s fun. It’s like all the entertainers are coming back to do their thing. It’s kind of fun.

What is your kids take on your careers?

Donny Osmond: Oh, I’m just another dad. It – they think it’s kind of cool and every once in awhile my oldest son who’s name is Don, he says, “My name is Donny Osmond.”

He kind of likes to get a kick out of the reaction that people give him.
But when we’re doing a show – a huge concert in arenas and things like that, it’s just another show to them, at least my kids. I’m just a normal neighborhood dad.
As a matter of fact, a lot of the kids in the neighborhood, they call me Uncle Donny. , I’m just another neighbor. So – what’s the saying? Familiarity breeds content.

Marie Osmond:   I think it’s actually a little different with my kids. I mean, they’re my kids and they know it’s my job, and whatever. But, , since I’ve gotten back into shape, since I’ve been on NutriSystem and all that stuff, it’s fun when your teenage daughters and my 21-year-old – and they’ll walk around and go, mom, we’re taking you shopping.

And they start dressing you, and they’re like my mommy’s hot. And I’m like, yes, I am having a hot flash. Thank you. But I think they’re proud of the consistency of years.

It’s a rare thing – I mean, , Donny and I have been in this business a long, long time. We’re not celebrating our 50th, but we’re not far behind it. And it’s rare when you start a career at age,  two and three that you’re still doing things.
And it’s a great honor and I think that this year with the 50th tour, with Donny and I going back to Vegas, I’m starting a show, I have a book coming out — just a bunch of things that we’re doing.

I think our children are really very supportive, I guess is the word – extremely there. I mean, it’s just amazing. Last night I had to work late trying to get wardrobe ready for this 50th tour and my 18-year-old is like well I got, , so and so, I got him macaroni and cheese.

We fed them, and I read to them. And blah, blah, blah. And they just kind of pick up where you left off. As a mom, you just so appreciate that.

Did you think you would be so busy this late into your careers?

Donny Osmond: No, I thought I was going to retire at 50. Scott, I’ve never worked harder in my life. I really thought I was going to slow down about this time in my life and just enjoy my grandkids.

But it’s – , like Marie said, this next year is going to be really pretty much on the go and nonstop.

Marie Osmond: It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  I didn’t know that I would be a single mom having to work this much. ? And so life is never what we think it’s going to be, so you grab onto the reigns and you just enjoy the ride no matter what it is.

And it’s really – , we don’t know if our whole family is ever going to do this again,  I mean, we’ve got some (buddies) that aren’t feeling very well and I mean, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our family. And we’re going to just enjoy it.