A Bespoke Murder – Book Review

Set in the early years of the First World War, the sinking of the Lusitania has caused anti-German hysteria to reach new levels.  Attacks on people of German ancestry have become common – just because of their background.  Yet Inspector Marmion is convinced that the attack on Jacob Stein’s tailoring business has deeper implications. 

Stein’s premises are burned, his safe ransacked and Jacob dead.  But was he dead before the attack?  And what is the connection with the rape of his daughter, Ruth?  Marmion’s investigation unveils lots of hidden secrets, and causes upset for more than one family. It also leads him to visit the War front and come under attack from rioters.

This is a new hero and a new mystery series from history/mystery crime novelist Edward Marston.  As with all his various series, it does not disappoint.  I really look forward to seeing how this series develops. 

Inspector Harvey Marmion and his side kick Sergeant Joe Keedy are interesting characters who really bring home the problems faced by policing in this period. A good, solid, engrossing read.  Once started, you just have to keep on reading until the end!