makes you look like a savvy oenophile, some thoughts

I am the farthest thing from a wine connoisseur but there is a great website that helps me fake it!

Who doesn’t like a good wine?  I like to drink it with a delicious meal. I like to bring it to friends’ houses as a thank you for their hospitality and I like to enjoy it with that super sexy guy as he looks deep in my eyes and tells me I’m fabulous (come on, it could happen!).  But really, how many of us know a Malbec from a Merlot or a Chenin Blanc from a Sauvignon Blanc?

I’m a proud, card carrying, won’t lie about it, wine-dunce!!  I have to rely on other people’s knowledge or I will end up with a cabinet full of 2-Buck Chuck.

Speaking of Trader Joes, we all know that it’s always impossible to find the wine guy to help you pick out the best wine for your event.  He seems to always be in the back… the back of what?  The Ford Fiesta heading across the border??

Anyway, what I know is this:  White goes with fish and chicken and red goes with meat.  Ask me anything else and you will see a ring of question marks spinning over my head.  So, Huzzah for, a website that takes the wine buying confusion out of my hands and makes life easier again.


According to their website; “Buying wine from a grocery store or wine shop is not fun, and snooty salespeople do not help consumers discover new wines they might love. Winestyr connects great wine producers directly with consumers, cutting out the middlemen and providing a wine experience focused on helping consumers find great wines with no bullshit.”


I agree!!  We all deal with so much bullshit in our lives that buying wine should not be on that list.

Plus, Winestyr makes buying wines fun…  it’s like a Mad Libs but with choices, who knew that all those hours coming up with nouns, adjectives and adverbs during long car rides with the family would be preparation for buying  a good wine.

So, here’s the basic formula they give you:

I want a (choose the color, or grape) wine for (choose the person, friend, family member, client, etc) for (choose the event like a party or a date or dinner with light foods, heavy foods, etc…) and I’m looking to spend (choose from inexpensive to pricey) per bottle.

How easy is that? Seriously, you could do that drunk!!

You can also choose your wine based solely on your event like, “girls night” or “day drinking”.  By the way, I love any website that reaffirms my option for day drinking!


My friends are now rejoicing, and I no longer have to choose my wine based upon the pretty pictures on the labels!  And, most of Winestyr’s wines come from the California wine country and are affordable, so you are pretty much guaranteed a delicious beverage.

Once you place your order it will be delivered to your home in a few days.  But, be warned, you must be there to sign for it and prove that you are of legal age.  Should I be offended that the delivery guy didn’t ask to see my ID?

Karen V. Stevens is a media gal, writer, producer, PR spin master and USC Trojan football enthusiast who finally is no longer serving cooking sherry in a pinch to her guests.  Hollah on Twitter

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