Win a 32GB Wifi iPad Mini and enjoy The Secret City!

Digital publisher NARR8 has released the first episode of The Secret City – an adaptation of a fantasy novel by Russian author Vadim Panov.

M&C is celebrating the release of The Secret City by giving away a 32GB Wifi iPad Mini!

Akin to Neil Gaiman for audiences in the US, Panov has sold more than 5 million books marking him as one of the most popular writers in Russia. The series is presented in a reading format akin to an eBook but complimented by animation, sound and elements of gamification.***image3:right***

In “The Secret City” magical races of gnomes, elves, witches, and vampires exist but only in the shadows. The story is one of epic war between these mysterious enchanted creatures and the humans who drove them into hiding in a place we know today as New York.

The adapted series was developed by one of NARR8’s ten in-house studios, Midian Studio, creator of interactive novel “Fear Hunters” available on the NARR8 platform.

NARR8 delivers episodic fiction and non-fiction multimedia series for the iPad and iPad Mini and will be available for download on AndroidTM smartphones and tablets with an operating system of 4.0 or higher starting next month.

Download “The Secret City” for free through the NARR8!

To enter, contestants need to provide a name and e-mail address. Upon notification of winning, contestants will have five days to reply with the name and address of where their prize should be sent.

Sorry, but this competition is open to residents of the USA only.

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